11/2/14 – Sunday

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Hello there, sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  Work has been very busy lately as I lost a colleague and our team is taking on his work.  This is quite a challenge, but at least it keeps us out of trouble.  In addition to work I’ve recently joined the Chatham Jaycees (a volunteer organization) as well as appointed to the Chatham Public Parks and Recreation Commission as the Jaycee’s Representative.  On top of that I am working to try to sell your Great Grandma Phyl’s home in Springfield.  Perhaps the approaching winter will slow things down.

You and I have been battling a bit lately.  I think that you are becoming a teenager a bit early and I am too quick to lose my patience with you.  I try to remind myself often that you’re only four, but you’re very mature for your age.  I think that’s why it drives me nuts when you whine because I know that you know it won’t work.  Well, now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest I can get back to the good stuff!

You are doing very well in school.  You are about to master the 100 Club, a challenge at preschool in which you count to 100.  I am very proud of you, this is no easy feat.  I believe you are also coming out of your shell quite nicely.  My favorite part of school is when I get home from work I will ask you how your day was.  After you tell me everything you can remember I ask, “Did you get put in time out?”  You always reply “No, Dad, I never get put in time out!”  It is very funny, but clearly you are proud of being a good kid and so am I.

Halloween was this weekend.  This year you were Mario from the Super Mario Brothers series.  You really seemed to like trick-or-treating.  On Friday night we went up and down a few streets with your Mother and sister.  It was very cold so we went to your Aunt Jennifer’s to warm up.  Later you and I went out and we hit every other house in our neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun to spend time with you, but carrying you for the last 25% of our trip was a bit tiring.

Well, keep up the good work, kid.  I will do my best to be more patient with you.  I love you.

  • Final Thoughts: We got so much candy!

8/3/14 – Sunday

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Happy summer, young man.  We’ve had a busy summer, but it’s not over yet!  In a few weeks we will be heading to Florida, our first real family vacation.  Your Mother has done a great job of organizing the trip and prepping us all for the journey.  We’ve been banking movies for the ride in addition to creating small activities to keep you and Little Miss busy.  I am absolutely looking forward to the vacation, but I am also a bit nervous because you both are still quite young.

I’d love to talk about how well you’re developing or how smart and funny you are.  I easily could, because it’s absolutely true, but I have more on my mind.  You are such a mature kid, you honestly are, and I think that’s why it bothers me so much when you whine and cry over the pettiest things.  I’ve always treated you as though you’re older than you really are and now it’s starting to bite me.  You’re only 4, and to be fair you just turned 4 less than two months ago, you should be allowed to cry and pout without me trying to stop it.  I wish I could simply flip a switch, but I can’t, crying and whining just drives me crazy.  I understand that I am absolutely guilty of having little patience, so I’m trying to work on it.

I believe you’re currently experiencing one of the largest changes you’ve ever been through.  Your Mother recently made the switch from working outside the home full-time and is now a stay-at-home mother!  This change has gone very well so far, but I know there have been struggles.  I know that you’ve acted out a few times, but I expected that.  Before the change you spent quite a bit of your day outside of the home and away from your Mother.  Now, outside of little adventures and whatnot, you’re at home all day and you and your Mother don’t get much of a break from one another.  I believe everyone will settle in nicely.

Not much else new really.  Soccer will start soon, I hope you’re excited!

  • Final Thoughts: You whine less and I’ll try to be more patient.
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6/21/14 – Saturday

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Old Man,

Emerson, you are now four years old!  This year was even more special because we shared the day; your birthday was on the same day as father’s day!  We celebrated your birthday on Saturday (a day early) and it was a wonderful time.  You got lots of toys, but your larger gift was a Jeep Power Wheel!  It is so cool and you totally dig it.  You were hesitant at first, but you were fearless within 10 minutes.  You sure are a great driver.  :)

Preschool is over for now.  You will start up again in the fall in the four year old class.  Preschool was such a great thing for you.  I believe that just in the first year you really came out of your shell.  You are such a young man and it’s really cool to watch.  You are incredibly polite and respectful.  You now are introducing yourself to others and start conversations as opposed to being forced into them.

Your humor is off the charts and you’re such a little boy.  You love playing outside, getting dirty, and causing a ruckus.  Lately we’ve been wrestling each other and it is a lot of fun.  The other day you mentioned that now that you’re four you can hit so much harder.  In fact, you hit so hard you could punch a buffalo’s head right off.  You’re such a nut.  : )

You are a fantastic big brother.  You and Arden are really starting to play well together.  She absolutely adores you.  She does her very best to mirror your every move.  She dances like you, walks and talks like you, and uses the same mannerisms.  I love that each of you are different, but I hope she turns out a lot like you.

Lately you’ve been playing with the Nintendo DS2 and you are simply amazing at it.  I am not exaggerating when I say that you are nearly as good as I am…and you’re barely four years old.  I hope that this means you will be really good with computers…because that’s where the money’s at.  :)

  • Final Thoughts: Keep it up, big man!


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4/27/14 – Sunday

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My man,

Emerson, you are quite an amazing little man.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, we’ve recently moved.  Since my last post we’ve moved into the new home, sold the old, and started playing soccer!

The old house sold very quickly.  We are happy that it sold, but very sorry to see it go.  That home was our first, where we started our family, where you learned to walk, where your sister learned to dance…everything happened there.  Although it is nice to have more room, it’s sad to move away.  We met there one last time before we sold.  You and Arden played around in the empty rooms, screamed and yelled, said goodbye to a few neighbors, got ice cream from the ice cream truck, and took a few pictures.  I doubt you will remember that day, but I will.

Our new home is very nice.  There are and will always be things to work on, but I believe this house is in much better shape than our old house.  Right now we are doing some maintenance.  We’ve fixed the screwed up fence/gate, replaced the side garage door, and installed a storm door.  We’ve installed a new kitchen sink and some shower heads.  We’ve bought a lot of stuff and now we’re broke!  :)  I am happy that we’re starting a new chapter in our lives and your Mother is doing a great job of turning this house into a home.

Soccer.  Yes, soccer!  We started playing recently and I am your coach.  It has been so much fun, so far.  You didn’t know much of anything when we started, but you’re sorta getting the hang of things now.  To be honest, I believe you enjoy chasing the girls around more than the game.  I understand though so I try not to ride you too hard.  There are a few kids that are really good and there are a few kids who don’t even know where the ball is half of the time.  Either way it is a blast.

Yesterday we had the greatest day.  We got up really early and drove to Blue Mound.  We met with my colleague, Jan, and her two lovely daughters.  We took a tour of their farm while we were waiting for our tractor ride!  We rode around in her husband Cory’s tractor.  We ‘worked the land’ to prepare for the corn planting.  You were fairly shy at first but you really enjoyed the adventure.  After the tractor activities we went to Dawson and played with your cousins.  You loved seeing all of their animals and exploring the new land.  We hung out with Grandpa ‘Edge’ and watched him fly his remote controlled quad-copter.  Later we played with the dogs and you wouldn’t part with your Grandma Pati’s dog, Sarah.  You really love that dog.  :)  Lastly, we went on a mushroom hunt, but we came up empty.

We had poker at our house today.  You were so outgoing, it is so amazing.  Last time these guys saw you, you wouldn’t even make eye contact because you were so shy.  You’ve really opened up and I love it.  In fact, my good friend Jon Mason text messaged me the following: “Emerson’s social game was quite impressive today.  Haha he’s hilarious man.  He talked to me like we’d been friends since…well since he was born.”

  • Final Thoughts:  Keep it up, man, you are such a great kid.  You have your moments, but we all do.  I love you very much.

3/23/14 – Sunday

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Holy smokes!  It has been a very long time since I last blogged!  Thankfully we’ve been working on a audio diary, so all is not lost.

We are so busy right now because we are moving!  We found a larger home and were lucky enough to be able to purchase it.  We rolled the dice and decided to buy a house before selling our current house.  This is pretty risky, but I felt we were in the right price range and the city/neighborhood is fairly popular for young families, so I felt confident that we would sell our house quickly.  Luckily we were right!  Our house was only on the market for a week before we sold it (whew).  So, we close on the new house on 3/28 and we close on our old house on 4/18.

I am going to miss our old house a great deal.  Although it’s older and smaller than the new house, it’s been our family’s home since, well, we’ve been a family.  There is very little that we didn’t alter in the 7.5 years we were here, so it’s almost as though we’ve leaving a bit of ourselves behind.  More importantly, however, is that this is the only home you’ve known.  I am sure that you will quickly adjust to the new home, but it will be odd for a while I imagine.  I hope that you adjust easily and enjoy having a bit more room to run around and play.

I feel like I say this every time, but you are developing so quickly.  You are more and more independent each day.  You like doing everything on your own and lately you’ve mastered zipping your own zipper.  This sounds silly, but zippers aren’t all that easy…I still struggle with them sometimes.  You are absolutely a clown and I love it.  You are always saying funny things and being a total goof.  You are amazingly smart and have an incredible memory.  I am not sure if you are just naturally smart or if you just don’t have as many things to remember, either way you make me look like an ape.  :)  You constantly impress your Mother and I with your memory.

You are still loving preschool.  You are becoming more and more outgoing each day, but you are still incredibly shy around people you don’t know.  We have been going to the library each Thursday for a book reading that they put on.  We try to go pretty early so that you can play with some of the other kids.  You love playing with your cousin Kale, his buddy Lincoln, and another kid named Clayton.  After the librarian (Miss Joyce) reads us several books (all revolving around a theme) we get to build a craft that is somehow related to the theme.  Last week we read about the wind and our craft was a colorful paper kite.  As we were walking out of the library you were holding the kite and flying it through the air.  You were simply playing, but it is a moment I will never forget as long as I lived.  I tried to imagine what you were thinking, but I am sure it wasn’t anything having to do with stress, work, money, politics, death, pain, or anger.  I love that you don’t have to worry about those things yet, please enjoy this time while you can.

You are incredibly sweet.  You have your days, but nine times out of ten you are a caring big brother that will absolutely become a great role model.  Arden is constantly trying to emulate you, it’s so much fun.  She is currently in love with brushing her teeth and I believe the reason she loves it is because you often brush with her.   She has recently began trying to spit out her toothpaste so that she can be like her big brother.  :)

Well, it is getting late, I better get to bed.  I am so tired from packing all of our stuff!!!

  • Final Thoughts: Get Excited!

1/19/14 – Sunday

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Wait, did I just call you daddy?  Yes, why yes I did.  Why you ask?  Because we are currently playing a game (that you created) where you and Arden are daddy and Mommy and your Mother and I are Arden and Emerson (respectively).  I love when you are in your silly moods, because it reminds me of myself.

What can I say besides you are amazing.  You are sweet, caring, funny, smart, and a little wild!  You do have your crabby moments, but I guess we all do.  There isn’t too much that has changed since my last post.  Obviously we celebrated Christmas and the New Year.  You did so well on Christmas.  You took turns well, thanked everyone each time, and helped orchestrate quite a bit.  You had a very long day and never once turned into a crab.

It has been an extremely cold winter with a lot of snow.  Unfortunately because of the cold we haven’t gotten to enjoy the snow all too much.  To be honest, I hate snow, but I suffer through just because you and Arden enjoy it so well.  I believe it was about two weeks ago but the windchill was in the -30 degree range.  That is simply crazy cold!

You are continuing your independent movement.  You’re out of diapers/pull-ups, you’re getting yourself dressed some days/nights, and you’re going to the bathroom on your own.  I know that probably doesn’t sound cool now, but it’s a pretty big deal to do all of those things on your own.

You really enjoy playing games and watching videos on the iPad.  The funniest part is that you’ve been watching this Russian cartoon series lately.  Obviously you don’t know what they are saying, but that sure doesn’t stop you from enjoying it.

You just woke up from a nap.  You’re currently standing at the end of the hallway and we’re looking at each other, smiling away.  I love you, man.  Your shirt is a picture of a hard taco with a mustache and it says ‘Wanna taco bout it?’.  It suits you perfectly.

Well, until next time.

  • Final Thoughts: I love how much you love your Mother.

P.S. You just asked me if I wanted a blueberry ‘smoothly’.

Wanna Taco Bout It?

Wanna Taco Bout It?

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11/28/13 – Thursday

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, most of all being two beautiful, smart, and healthy children.  You are growing up so quickly.  You’re getting bigger and looking older, but most importantly your mental capacity is growing at an astonishing rate.  You are picking up complicated concepts very quickly and your memory is amazing.  I am not sure if your memory is so good because your abnormal or just because you haven’t been around for 31 years like I have :).  I have a lot of memories to store up there…

As I believe I have mentioned previously, you are loving preschool.  You’ve ‘come out of your shell’ quite a bit in the little time you’ve been attending.  You are still incredibly shy to people you don’t know well, but it is taking you less and less time to open up to them once you realize that they are our friends.  This used to bother me, but not so much any more.  I believe it can be a good thing as well (being cautious of strangers that mean harm.)

You are a whiz at the electronic arts (iPhone, iPads, PC).  I’ve recently introduced you to XBOX 360 (only basic racing games at this point) and I brought the Nintendo Wii out of the closet.  You really like the Mario Kart racing game, however you keep losing races to me!!!  What can I say, I’m a natural.

You helped quite a bit in the yard/garage this fall as we were cleaning up the yard the last time and servicing the mowers for winter.  You seem to enjoy this type of stuff, however when we decided that we would go over to PaPa’s house (Grandpa Pillsbury) to mow his yard as well you went off playing and didn’t help me at all!  Oh well, I guess it was the thought that counts.  Last night we were working on the entertainment center and fitting new ends to a coax cable…I am sure you will need to see that a few more times to be able to do it on your own.

You’re very independent, unless your Mother’s around, then you want her to do everything.  You’ve weaned yourself from the potty seat so now you simply sit on the toilet and hold yourself up with your hands because your butt’s not big enough to fit on the standard toilet seat.  This is a pretty funny site but I don’t laugh because you’re very proud of this feat.  You’ve also been trying to brush your teeth on your own but this is a little more tricky because we don’t want to miss any hard-to-reach spots.  Lastly you’ve been getting yourself dressed and undressed.  You do a very good job but occasionally your shirt will be on backwards or your shoes will be on the wrong feet.  Most of your shoes are still Velcro so we haven’t learned to tie just yet.

We put the Christmas tree up this week.  You enjoyed helping with that and you did a pretty good job, other than putting all of the ornaments within a small one foot section :).  I am excited for Christmas and don’t forget it’s also your Mother’s birthday!

I will end with a few funny things that you’ve said lately (and I remembered to write down):

  • “I just have tiny balls on me.  I have little balls all over me, you know, for when you are all cold?”
  • “Mommy, will you please turn on the music so I can watch the leaves dance?”
  • “I don’t like it when it’s cold because you have to wear so many shirts.”
  • It’s really soggy out, Mom.
  • “Where is my new fluffed animal?”
  • You pronounce ‘Popcorn’ as ‘Pah-Corn’
  • “The biggest thing you never saw!”
  • “I’m gonna fart and poop on your face and pee in your eye.” — WHAT?!?


  • Final Thoughts: Remember it’s important to help people in need, whether it’s during the holidays or any other time of year.  I love you.

10/4/13 – Friday

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Things are going very well lately. You’ve been quite well-behaved, you seem to be loving school, and you’re getting along well with your sister. Occasionally I will hear you in the other room playing with her and that’s a beautiful thing.

You’ve been much more outgoing ever since starting school, I think there’s hope for you yet! Yesterday you came into our new workplace to check out our new offices (and then later take me to a picnic dinner at the park) and you handled yourself very well in front of my colleagues (who you are usually completely shy around).

The other day we were playing and you decided that I was going to own a grocery store and you were going to be the customer. So we set out a bunch of plastic foods and other items, you would walk through with your shopping cart and pick out the items you’d like to buy. We play this game often as I believe it helps your vocabulary and memory (because you have to tell me the name of all of the things you’re buying and I tell you how much they cost). You filled your cart with goodies, pulled out your wallet, and then your debit card. I swiped it through my imaginary card reader machine and explained that the transaction failed because there was no money on the card. You quickly corrected me and pointed to the card (which had a US Dollar printed on it) and said “oh, no, sir, there is money on the card, see!”

One of thousands of things that I love about you is that you often refer to me and your Mother as “Sir” and “Ma’am” when we’re playing various characters. Oh, and another thing that was funny about our last grocery game was that you said “Um, yea, I’ll take some coffee for my mom”. That’s funny because she has been drinking Starbucks lately.

You pick up things like a sponge. The other day your aunt Jaime and Uncle Byron let you borrow their antique giant fire engines to play with at home. They explained how one of the engine ladders didn’t work. You explained that I could probably fix it, and then they mentioned that they think we may need to order a part. Later that night we were getting ready for baths and when we called you said you were busy and it would be a minute. I walked into the living room to see you sitting in my computer chair moving the mouse around. I asked what you were doing and you mentioned that you were ordering parts off line. It was pretty funny stuff.

A few funny things you’ve said lately:

“The farmer in the town”.

“I’m ever not going to take a nap.”

While pretending to be asleep –
E – mom oh no! It’s 21! We are going to be late to grandmas – she’s going to close!
E – mom, now it’s 20 o’clock! We are so late!

While playing before bed –
E – mommy can we go on a drive in the car?
A – what for honey, it’s late
E – it will just be fun. It will be funny, like a joke.

“See you tomorrow Friday.”

Our conversation before brushing teeth tonight as E went on the potty: “Mommy, I just keep having lots of little poopies. Wait, here comes a big one! Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man…”

E- Mom, who’s the leader tomorrow for preschool?
A- I think the leader tomorrow is Ian.
E- Oh, is that the boy who tried to bite me?
A- No, I think that was Lynn.
E- Is there a picture of Lynn biting me on Facebook?


E – Hey, Dad. Look at me, I’m a worker man. (Carrying his toolbox)
D – Oh, awesome, whatcha workin’ on?
E – Oh, just me and my sister getting things done. I saw a nail sticking out of the carpet so I hammered it in.
D – Wow, great job! How much do I owe you?
E – Three pounds

  • Final Thoughts: Don’t let the world get you down.



8/25/13 – Sunday

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Bird Dog,

Time has surely flown by.  You are growing up so fast I can barely believe it.  I’ve started a few posts, but never got around to finishing them.  Today is the day we catch up!!!

We celebrated your third birthday, which was great.  On Friday we had your Mother’s family over and they brought a few gifts.  Your big gift was a bicycle which you absolutely love.  Your Mother ordered a “Spencer” themed birthday cake and cupcakes.  Spencer is a character on “Thomas and Friends”, which is your favorite show to watch on TV.

On Saturday we opened gifts at home and went out to eat.  Many of your gifts were toys, but your Mother also picked you up some dress-up outfits (fireman, police officer, race car driver, etc.) and you seem to love those.  We decorated your room with tons of balloons, what a great day.  Happy Birthday, my man.

On Sunday we visited my Grandmother, Phyllis.  It was really great for you and Arden to see her, because it definitely does not happen often enough.  Also on Sunday we went to your Grandmother’s house, who just purchased a pool!  We had a lot of fun playing in that, but it was cold.  Sunday was also Father’s Day.  I couldn’t be happier, I have two beautiful children and a gorgeous wife.

On June 23rd we took pictures for your third birthday and Arden’s first birthday.  We did the pictures at Washington Park in Springfield.  It was a beautiful day and we were able to get several perfect pictures before you and Arden got bored.

We’ve started going to the Lowe’s Build And Grow programs together.  It is such a great program.  Essentially we go to Lowe’s (a hardware store) every other week and we put together a fairly simple wooden craft.  The first week was a pair of Monster’s Inc. monsters.  The second week was a small Monsters Inc. themed box.  Since then we’ve built a Toy Story pizza truck, Buzz Lightyear RC Racer, ‘Dusty’ airplane from Airplanes, and this weekend was ‘El Chupacabra’ from Airplanes.  We had such a great time learning to say ‘Chupacabra’ on the way home Saturday.  We were laughing so hard!

Of course we celebrated your sister’s first birthday since my last post.  She is such a cutie.  So far you have been incredibly loving, but lately you’re having a rough time sharing.  We’ve talked many times, but you’re still struggling with it.  You’ve also started asking your Mother to ‘Give Arden to daddy and that way you can hold me.’

On July 4th your Mother and I took you to your first movie!  Together we saw ‘Monsters University’ which is the sequel to Monster’s Inc.  We weren’t sure how many people would be there, but thankfully it was nearly empty.  You seemed to have a great time, but towards the end you did begin asking when we were leaving.

On July 5th we went to watch fireworks in Chatham but you slept almost the entire time!  You must have been tired…because fireworks are AWESOME!!!

On July 7th we had visitors!  We were visited by our old friends Joe and Amy Flammer.  They were in town from New Zealand for a wedding.  It was great to visit and meet Lincoln for the first time.  This was their first time meeting Arden too.  Good times.

On July 13th we went to a festival in Springfield.  It was great to get out of the house, listen to some music, and eat some good food.  You and your Grandma had a great time dancing on the street.  It was very cute.  The next day your Mother took you and the rest of the family to your Grandpa’s golf course.  I stayed home, but I surely regret it!  From the pictures it looked like you had a great time.

July 20th, the famous Chatham Sweetcorn Festival.  You seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.  You and I had a great time on the inflatable bounce houses.  Of course we ate some corn, danced to music, and watched some guys in kilts throw their weight around.

A week later you came along with me to the Panther Creek Bowhunters club.  I recently started target bow shooting and it’s been a good time.  I enjoy shooting but right now there is such a short supply of bullets that the prices are through the roof.  Also, I don’t have many places that I can shoot my guns, so I shifted to bows.  At the club we have 30 3D animal targets.  They are set up in the woods and we shift them every few weeks.  I thought you would enjoy coming along and seeing the big fake animals.  I believe your favorite was the buffalo.  There are some good pictures, check them out.

On August 3rd we took a train ride to Bloomington!  Yes, Bloomington isn’t very far, but we thought it would be a fun thing for you to do, given your love for trains.  We went to Bloomington to visit your great uncle and aunt Chris and Kendra Kornfeld and their children Alaina, Emmett, and Hannah.

August 8th we took a mini-vacation to Saint Louis.  Our first stop was Grant’s Farm.  The weather was a bit rainy, but it ended up clearing up.  We saw many different animals, but the best part was visiting the very large Clydesdale horses of Budweiser.  They were such beautiful creatures.  We took a special tour that allowed us to get up close and personal.  We were able to meet and greet and brush, Scott.  After that we went to the St. Louis Arch.  We toured the inside but didn’t ride to the top.  The next day we went to the St. Louis Zoo!  That was a blast, we saw so many cool animals.  You and I rode the Emerson Railroad.  You and Arden had a great time in the hotel room.  Your Mother and I liked it too, until the last day when the valet drivers wrecked up our car!  That stunk.

8/13, we were Illinois State Fair Bound.  It was good to start Arden off on the tradition of eating terribly unhealthy food, spending way too much money, and surrounding yourselves with the craziest people in Illinois.  You enjoyed the Giant Slide, more than once I might add.

8/16 we took Great Grandma Phyl out for dinner for her 87th birthday, whoa!  We went to Outback and had a grand time.  Again it was great to get you and her together as it doesn’t happen often enough.  We got a few great pictures as well, please be sure to check them out.  By the way, I have always called her Grandma Phyl, but it wasn’t until my early adult life that I realized that I should have been spelling her name Grandma Phyl instead of Grandma Phil.  Classic.  The next day we celebrated Elliot Carter’s first birthday.  She was quite the host and it was an excellent event.  Happy Birthday, Elliot!  For the record, you still pronounce her name ‘Elly-ick’.

The last event that I will bore you with, at least in this post, is your preschool open house.  You are starting preschool next week, which is very exciting.  On Thursday we had an open house so you were able to go to your classroom for the first time, meet most of your classmates, and meet your teachers.  It took you a while to warm up, because you’re naturally a very shy kid, but after a while you were having a blast.  Some of the kids are returning for another year, but there are still several rookies with you, so you won’t be the only one who doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on.  I cannot wait to watch you grow, even more than you already are.  You’re such a great boy, you will do very well in school.  Congrats, big guy!

Well, I think I’ve caught up enough.  Hopefully I don’t go so long without updating you.  I am sorry it’s been so long, I will try to do better.

  • Final Thoughts:  We have our ups and downs but I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart.  I always have and always will.

Patricia Ann Detmers – 10/17/1956 – 5/25/2013 R.I.P.

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With deep sorrow I am writing to report the passing of your Grandmother, my Mother, Pati.  It’s been nearly a month and things haven’t gotten much easier.  I believe I’ve gone through most of the phases of loss and now I’m stuck here at sadness.  I think about all of the things she’ll miss and even worse her limited involvement in your life.

Your Grandmother was an extremely caring person with a great sense of humor.  She loved her grandchildren even more than her own children, in fact she had a tattoo on her foot of numerous flowers.  They represented the birth flowers of all fourteen of her grandchildren.  She was incredibly tough, reliable, and also independent.  She successfully raised three very different boys, that in and of itself is quite a feat.

Mom has been sick for many years, in fact the doctors originally thought we’d lose her much sooner than we actually did.  I believe this speaks to her toughness and eagerness to prove her critics wrong.  Mom always suffered from breathing issues.  As I grew she constantly dealt with issues caused by asthma and allergies.  Around the time I left for college she ran into an illness named ‘Aspergillus’.  The disease progressively weakened my Mother’s ability to breath.  She went through hundreds of treatments, spent a long time in hospitals (32 days on this last trip), and eventually passed.

Sometimes I just want to scream, often wondering why it had to happen to her, but I know it’s not going to bring her back.  She was a great woman and the world is a darker place without her.  I am very sorry that you didn’t grow to know her well, I wish I could have done something to change that.  Please just do me a favor and remember her as a beautiful, loving, strong, and funny woman that would have done anything for you, because that’s the truth.  Do her one favor and live every day as if it were your last, because as much as it sickens me to say, one of these days it will be.

  • Final Thoughts: I love you very much, Mom.


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