10/19/2009 – Monday

Today was an amazing day.  First let me start by telling you that your Mom has had a difficult time with the morning sickness lately.  She has also been awfully tired.  We have been watching many baby documentaries in our preparation for your arrival and we learned that this sickness may continue for a few more weeks before it tops off.  Anyway, this morning was our first meeting with the doctor that will someday be delivering you.  Her name is Erin Stone and she is really sweet.  She has 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy).  Your Mother had a painful sonogram today, but it allowed us to see you for the first time.  We found that everything is going smoothly, you are planted where you should be, and your heart is beating quickly (128 BMP).  We believe that you are now 6 weeks and 5 days old (so that puts you at an estimated delivery date of 6/9/10).  I believe you are 7.8 millimeters in length and for some reason I feel like you are a girl (both your Mom and Dr. Stone also made a reference to being a girl).  We are still not telling our friends and family yet, so as of today only 5 people in the world know that you exist (and three of them are doctors)!  While at the Doctors we walked very close to a co-worker, but thankfully we don’t think she saw us.  We are trying to think of the most interesting ways to tell our friends, but we still have a while before we tell anyone.

  • Final Thoughts: We are excited to meet you.
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