1/11/11 – Tuesday


Weekly update time!  Lately you haven’t been sleeping too well.  Really this has been going on for a while, but we were hoping it would ease up.  On average you wake around 2-4 times per night.  When you eat you usually fall back asleep pretty quickly.

No new teeth this week, still just the two.

You made $5 today.  I was playing with you after work and I told you that if the next toy you grabbed was a ball then I would give you $5…you got it!  Nice work, you are so smart.  If I keep making these bets you are going to be rich.  :)

Looking forward to enjoying our last weekend together before school starts.  Hopefully I can work on the bathroom remodel and get to spend time with you, we’ll see.

  • Final Thoughts:  I hope your Mother and I can provide you a happy childhood.
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