2/1/11 – Tuesday


Hello, Winter Weather!  We had quite a storm late last night and today.  Work was closed due to weather so we got to hang out a bit more than usual today.  We were hoping that school would be closed Monday evening, but we weren’t that fortunate.  I did however, bring a Mountain Dew to class with me, failed to close the lid tightly, and spilled soda all over my book bag (book, notes, etc.) and your Mother’s brand new car seat.  It stinks, but you can’t let the little things get you down.

I hope we get a chance to play in the snow…although you are still a bit too small I hope that you can at least get out and see what it’s about.

You still have a nagging cold, I wish that damn thing would go away already.

  • Final Thoughts: I wonder if Mountain Dew will still be around when you read this.
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