10/4/13 – Friday


Things are going very well lately. You’ve been quite well-behaved, you seem to be loving school, and you’re getting along well with your sister. Occasionally I will hear you in the other room playing with her and that’s a beautiful thing.

You’ve been much more outgoing ever since starting school, I think there’s hope for you yet! Yesterday you came into our new workplace to check out our new offices (and then later take me to a picnic dinner at the park) and you handled yourself very well in front of my colleagues (who you are usually completely shy around).

The other day we were playing and you decided that I was going to own a grocery store and you were going to be the customer. So we set out a bunch of plastic foods and other items, you would walk through with your shopping cart and pick out the items you’d like to buy. We play this game often as I believe it helps your vocabulary and memory (because you have to tell me the name of all of the things you’re buying and I tell you how much they cost). You filled your cart with goodies, pulled out your wallet, and then your debit card. I swiped it through my imaginary card reader machine and explained that the transaction failed because there was no money on the card. You quickly corrected me and pointed to the card (which had a US Dollar printed on it) and said “oh, no, sir, there is money on the card, see!”

One of thousands of things that I love about you is that you often refer to me and your Mother as “Sir” and “Ma’am” when we’re playing various characters. Oh, and another thing that was funny about our last grocery game was that you said “Um, yea, I’ll take some coffee for my mom”. That’s funny because she has been drinking Starbucks lately.

You pick up things like a sponge. The other day your aunt Jaime and Uncle Byron let you borrow their antique giant fire engines to play with at home. They explained how one of the engine ladders didn’t work. You explained that I could probably fix it, and then they mentioned that they think we may need to order a part. Later that night we were getting ready for baths and when we called you said you were busy and it would be a minute. I walked into the living room to see you sitting in my computer chair moving the mouse around. I asked what you were doing and you mentioned that you were ordering parts off line. It was pretty funny stuff.

A few funny things you’ve said lately:

“The farmer in the town”.

“I’m ever not going to take a nap.”

While pretending to be asleep –
E – mom oh no! It’s 21! We are going to be late to grandmas – she’s going to close!
E – mom, now it’s 20 o’clock! We are so late!

While playing before bed –
E – mommy can we go on a drive in the car?
A – what for honey, it’s late
E – it will just be fun. It will be funny, like a joke.

“See you tomorrow Friday.”

Our conversation before brushing teeth tonight as E went on the potty: “Mommy, I just keep having lots of little poopies. Wait, here comes a big one! Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man…”

E- Mom, who’s the leader tomorrow for preschool?
A- I think the leader tomorrow is Ian.
E- Oh, is that the boy who tried to bite me?
A- No, I think that was Lynn.
E- Is there a picture of Lynn biting me on Facebook?


E – Hey, Dad. Look at me, I’m a worker man. (Carrying his toolbox)
D – Oh, awesome, whatcha workin’ on?
E – Oh, just me and my sister getting things done. I saw a nail sticking out of the carpet so I hammered it in.
D – Wow, great job! How much do I owe you?
E – Three pounds

  • Final Thoughts: Don’t let the world get you down.



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