1/19/14 – Sunday


Wait, did I just call you daddy?  Yes, why yes I did.  Why you ask?  Because we are currently playing a game (that you created) where you and Arden are daddy and Mommy and your Mother and I are Arden and Emerson (respectively).  I love when you are in your silly moods, because it reminds me of myself.

What can I say besides you are amazing.  You are sweet, caring, funny, smart, and a little wild!  You do have your crabby moments, but I guess we all do.  There isn’t too much that has changed since my last post.  Obviously we celebrated Christmas and the New Year.  You did so well on Christmas.  You took turns well, thanked everyone each time, and helped orchestrate quite a bit.  You had a very long day and never once turned into a crab.

It has been an extremely cold winter with a lot of snow.  Unfortunately because of the cold we haven’t gotten to enjoy the snow all too much.  To be honest, I hate snow, but I suffer through just because you and Arden enjoy it so well.  I believe it was about two weeks ago but the windchill was in the -30 degree range.  That is simply crazy cold!

You are continuing your independent movement.  You’re out of diapers/pull-ups, you’re getting yourself dressed some days/nights, and you’re going to the bathroom on your own.  I know that probably doesn’t sound cool now, but it’s a pretty big deal to do all of those things on your own.

You really enjoy playing games and watching videos on the iPad.  The funniest part is that you’ve been watching this Russian cartoon series lately.  Obviously you don’t know what they are saying, but that sure doesn’t stop you from enjoying it.

You just woke up from a nap.  You’re currently standing at the end of the hallway and we’re looking at each other, smiling away.  I love you, man.  Your shirt is a picture of a hard taco with a mustache and it says ‘Wanna taco bout it?’.  It suits you perfectly.

Well, until next time.

  • Final Thoughts: I love how much you love your Mother.

P.S. You just asked me if I wanted a blueberry ‘smoothly’.

Wanna Taco Bout It?

Wanna Taco Bout It?

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