3/23/14 – Sunday

Holy smokes!  It has been a very long time since I last blogged!  Thankfully we’ve been working on a audio diary, so all is not lost.

We are so busy right now because we are moving!  We found a larger home and were lucky enough to be able to purchase it.  We rolled the dice and decided to buy a house before selling our current house.  This is pretty risky, but I felt we were in the right price range and the city/neighborhood is fairly popular for young families, so I felt confident that we would sell our house quickly.  Luckily we were right!  Our house was only on the market for a week before we sold it (whew).  So, we close on the new house on 3/28 and we close on our old house on 4/18.

I am going to miss our old house a great deal.  Although it’s older and smaller than the new house, it’s been our family’s home since, well, we’ve been a family.  There is very little that we didn’t alter in the 7.5 years we were here, so it’s almost as though we’ve leaving a bit of ourselves behind.  More importantly, however, is that this is the only home you’ve known.  I am sure that you will quickly adjust to the new home, but it will be odd for a while I imagine.  I hope that you adjust easily and enjoy having a bit more room to run around and play.

I feel like I say this every time, but you are developing so quickly.  You are more and more independent each day.  You like doing everything on your own and lately you’ve mastered zipping your own zipper.  This sounds silly, but zippers aren’t all that easy…I still struggle with them sometimes.  You are absolutely a clown and I love it.  You are always saying funny things and being a total goof.  You are amazingly smart and have an incredible memory.  I am not sure if you are just naturally smart or if you just don’t have as many things to remember, either way you make me look like an ape.  :)  You constantly impress your Mother and I with your memory.

You are still loving preschool.  You are becoming more and more outgoing each day, but you are still incredibly shy around people you don’t know.  We have been going to the library each Thursday for a book reading that they put on.  We try to go pretty early so that you can play with some of the other kids.  You love playing with your cousin Kale, his buddy Lincoln, and another kid named Clayton.  After the librarian (Miss Joyce) reads us several books (all revolving around a theme) we get to build a craft that is somehow related to the theme.  Last week we read about the wind and our craft was a colorful paper kite.  As we were walking out of the library you were holding the kite and flying it through the air.  You were simply playing, but it is a moment I will never forget as long as I lived.  I tried to imagine what you were thinking, but I am sure it wasn’t anything having to do with stress, work, money, politics, death, pain, or anger.  I love that you don’t have to worry about those things yet, please enjoy this time while you can.

You are incredibly sweet.  You have your days, but nine times out of ten you are a caring big brother that will absolutely become a great role model.  Arden is constantly trying to emulate you, it’s so much fun.  She is currently in love with brushing her teeth and I believe the reason she loves it is because you often brush with her.   She has recently began trying to spit out her toothpaste so that she can be like her big brother.  :)

Well, it is getting late, I better get to bed.  I am so tired from packing all of our stuff!!!

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