4/27/14 – Sunday

My man,

Emerson, you are quite an amazing little man.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, we’ve recently moved.  Since my last post we’ve moved into the new home, sold the old, and started playing soccer!

The old house sold very quickly.  We are happy that it sold, but very sorry to see it go.  That home was our first, where we started our family, where you learned to walk, where your sister learned to dance…everything happened there.  Although it is nice to have more room, it’s sad to move away.  We met there one last time before we sold.  You and Arden played around in the empty rooms, screamed and yelled, said goodbye to a few neighbors, got ice cream from the ice cream truck, and took a few pictures.  I doubt you will remember that day, but I will.

Our new home is very nice.  There are and will always be things to work on, but I believe this house is in much better shape than our old house.  Right now we are doing some maintenance.  We’ve fixed the screwed up fence/gate, replaced the side garage door, and installed a storm door.  We’ve installed a new kitchen sink and some shower heads.  We’ve bought a lot of stuff and now we’re broke!  :)  I am happy that we’re starting a new chapter in our lives and your Mother is doing a great job of turning this house into a home.

Soccer.  Yes, soccer!  We started playing recently and I am your coach.  It has been so much fun, so far.  You didn’t know much of anything when we started, but you’re sorta getting the hang of things now.  To be honest, I believe you enjoy chasing the girls around more than the game.  I understand though so I try not to ride you too hard.  There are a few kids that are really good and there are a few kids who don’t even know where the ball is half of the time.  Either way it is a blast.

Yesterday we had the greatest day.  We got up really early and drove to Blue Mound.  We met with my colleague, Jan, and her two lovely daughters.  We took a tour of their farm while we were waiting for our tractor ride!  We rode around in her husband Cory’s tractor.  We ‘worked the land’ to prepare for the corn planting.  You were fairly shy at first but you really enjoyed the adventure.  After the tractor activities we went to Dawson and played with your cousins.  You loved seeing all of their animals and exploring the new land.  We hung out with Grandpa ‘Edge’ and watched him fly his remote controlled quad-copter.  Later we played with the dogs and you wouldn’t part with your Grandma Pati’s dog, Sarah.  You really love that dog.  :)  Lastly, we went on a mushroom hunt, but we came up empty.

We had poker at our house today.  You were so outgoing, it is so amazing.  Last time these guys saw you, you wouldn’t even make eye contact because you were so shy.  You’ve really opened up and I love it.  In fact, my good friend Jon Mason text messaged me the following: “Emerson’s social game was quite impressive today.  Haha he’s hilarious man.  He talked to me like we’d been friends since…well since he was born.”

  • Final Thoughts:  Keep it up, man, you are such a great kid.  You have your moments, but we all do.  I love you very much.
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