6/21/14 – Saturday

Old Man,

Emerson, you are now four years old!  This year was even more special because we shared the day; your birthday was on the same day as father’s day!  We celebrated your birthday on Saturday (a day early) and it was a wonderful time.  You got lots of toys, but your larger gift was a Jeep Power Wheel!  It is so cool and you totally dig it.  You were hesitant at first, but you were fearless within 10 minutes.  You sure are a great driver.  :)

Preschool is over for now.  You will start up again in the fall in the four year old class.  Preschool was such a great thing for you.  I believe that just in the first year you really came out of your shell.  You are such a young man and it’s really cool to watch.  You are incredibly polite and respectful.  You now are introducing yourself to others and start conversations as opposed to being forced into them.

Your humor is off the charts and you’re such a little boy.  You love playing outside, getting dirty, and causing a ruckus.  Lately we’ve been wrestling each other and it is a lot of fun.  The other day you mentioned that now that you’re four you can hit so much harder.  In fact, you hit so hard you could punch a buffalo’s head right off.  You’re such a nut.  : )

You are a fantastic big brother.  You and Arden are really starting to play well together.  She absolutely adores you.  She does her very best to mirror your every move.  She dances like you, walks and talks like you, and uses the same mannerisms.  I love that each of you are different, but I hope she turns out a lot like you.

Lately you’ve been playing with the Nintendo DS2 and you are simply amazing at it.  I am not exaggerating when I say that you are nearly as good as I am…and you’re barely four years old.  I hope that this means you will be really good with computers…because that’s where the money’s at.  :)

  • Final Thoughts: Keep it up, big man!


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