8/3/14 – Sunday


Happy summer, young man.  We’ve had a busy summer, but it’s not over yet!  In a few weeks we will be heading to Florida, our first real family vacation.  Your Mother has done a great job of organizing the trip and prepping us all for the journey.  We’ve been banking movies for the ride in addition to creating small activities to keep you and Little Miss busy.  I am absolutely looking forward to the vacation, but I am also a bit nervous because you both are still quite young.

I’d love to talk about how well you’re developing or how smart and funny you are.  I easily could, because it’s absolutely true, but I have more on my mind.  You are such a mature kid, you honestly are, and I think that’s why it bothers me so much when you whine and cry over the pettiest things.  I’ve always treated you as though you’re older than you really are and now it’s starting to bite me.  You’re only 4, and to be fair you just turned 4 less than two months ago, you should be allowed to cry and pout without me trying to stop it.  I wish I could simply flip a switch, but I can’t, crying and whining just drives me crazy.  I understand that I am absolutely guilty of having little patience, so I’m trying to work on it.

I believe you’re currently experiencing one of the largest changes you’ve ever been through.  Your Mother recently made the switch from working outside the home full-time and is now a stay-at-home mother!  This change has gone very well so far, but I know there have been struggles.  I know that you’ve acted out a few times, but I expected that.  Before the change you spent quite a bit of your day outside of the home and away from your Mother.  Now, outside of little adventures and whatnot, you’re at home all day and you and your Mother don’t get much of a break from one another.  I believe everyone will settle in nicely.

Not much else new really.  Soccer will start soon, I hope you’re excited!

  • Final Thoughts: You whine less and I’ll try to be more patient.
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