6/11/13 – Tuesday

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Well, I’ve finally found some time to catch up with you.  There has been a lot that’s transpired since my last post.  You have really gotten into potty training and you are doing awesome!  You’ve surprised me so many times, I just can’t believe how well you’re doing with everything.  You are starting preschool this fall, so it’s perfect timing (because they want you to be trained before you attend).

You’re sick…again!  This time you have strep throat and to be honest I am not sure that I have ever been so close to strep.  Your throat is incredibly swollen, there are huge white soars inside of your throat, and your breath is the worst I’ve ever smelled on anyone…ever!  I feel so bad for you, I wish I could take the sickness from you because I would rather deal with it myself than watching you in pain.  I will admit though, your breath is so bad I have a hard time talking to you.  I just have to hold my breath the whole time.  :)  Right now you are sleeping, hopefully the rest will make you feel better.

You went to the doctor yesterday, I was caught up at work so I didn’t go along but your Mother mentioned that you weighed in at 33 pounds and were 38.5 inches long.  She mentioned that you did really well at the doctor, which is a change.  Usually you are a real pistol, but you’re maturing!

I decided to get into Archery lately.  You just woke you, you’re so dang cute.  Anyway, back to my story.  I started shooting archery lately.  It is a lot of fun and is a lot cheaper than shooting my guns.  There is a huge ammo scare because it’s feared that the government will restrict our gun rights.  I joined the Panther Creek Bowhunter’s Club and they had a 3D shoot this Sunday.  A 3D shoot is a competition in which archers shoot at 3D styrofoam target animals from unknown distances.  It’s very similar to hunting in that respect.  You came to the shoot after I was done (because I was volunteering at the event).  You hung out with me for several hours and seemed to have a great time.  You enjoyed watching the competitors.  You watched me shoot at the practice range a few times and you helped me register a few of the shooters.  You favorite part, however, was walking around the course and checking out the animals.  I had you take pictures with a few of them, but it took a while to get you comfortable because you weren’t sure if they were real or not.  You mentioned that you “really want one of those bow and arrow shooters”.  I would buy you one for you upcoming birthday, but we already got you a bunch of stuff, including your first bicycle!  It was a great day, I’ll never forget it.

I am going to do another post shortly about your Grandma Pati.

  • Final Thoughts: I love you very much, never forget that.


4/21/13 – Sunday

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What a week.  You got sick last Sunday/Monday and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  You have never been as sick as you were this week.  Your fever had me very concerned because I couldn’t seem to do much to lower it.  Your Mother took you to prompt care late Monday night.  The Motrin seemed to help with your fever, but the antibiotics didn’t seem to help much.  When we called back a few days later they wanted to change the antibiotic which meant we had to start all over.  You fought us quite a bit when it came time to take medicine.  A few times I had to hold you down, which is terrible because you’re already overheating, you’re tired, you’re sick, and I’m here pinning you to the ground and shoving medicine down your throat.  Ugh, it was awful.  Then, a few days later, Arden gets sick with an ear infection.  And I thought giving medicine to you was tough…oh my gosh, she’s VERY difficult!  We had to pull out every trick in the book, even then she’d take about half and spit the other half out.  So far this has been the most difficult week of parenting I’ve experienced.  I can’t imagine some of the other families that go through much worse on a daily basis.

Outside of being sick you’re a great boy.  You’re a little bit of a hot head, but you probably got that from me.  It’s getting warmer out, so all you want to do is go out and play.  You really enjoy riding bikes and playing in the sand box.  You would hang outside in the garage tinkering with tools all night long if we’d let you.  Most importantly, however, you absolutely love playing with trains.  I would estimate that you have 30 or so trains and several different types of tracks.  Most of your trains are “Thomas and Friends” brand and you know all of the trains’ names.

A few things that I find awesome/funny:

  • Lately you’ve been “surprising” me with a lot of things.  “Daddy, close your eyes…open your eyes now!”
  • The other day I walked into your room and saw you looking at books on your own.  This is totally awesome.
  • You are a complete crazy man on your tricycle.  You drive that thing like it’s going out of style!
  • You’re imagination is running wild.  It’s really cool to watch you play with toys and make up stories or telling me your own jokes.  It’s such a blast to watch your mind at work.
  • You call a lot of things “collections”.  Sometimes you use the word properly, like “Let’s get out the car collection.” but other times you’ll use it in the wrong context.  The other day your Mother took you to McDonald’s.  After she placed the order she drove up to the first window and you asked her if “this is where the milk collection is”.  Classic.

About three weeks ago you nearly scared me to death.  You and I drove to the hardware store (where we spent 2 hours because you refused to leave) and we drove home.  I let you out of your car seat and then you mentioned that you wanted to go out the passenger side door.  I told you that you could, so I shut your door and you climbed over the console and to the passenger door.  I walked around the truck and then you asked to go out the driver’s side door.  Rather than fighting you about it I said it was okay.  I closed the passenger door and then walked around the back of the truck.  By the time I neared the gas tank you opened the driver’s side door and fell out face first, straight towards the ground.  Without much time to think I reached down and grabbed you by the hood of your hooded sweatshirt and pulled you straight up.  Your face was about 3 inches from the ground, and my heart was racing.  No more playing around in the truck…I tried to make sure you were safe and you still found a way to get yourself in trouble.  I think you were quite shocked, but you still ask to sit in there…sorry, bud, I don’t think so.

  • Final Thoughts: I hope you get well soon, buddy.
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3/24/12 – Sunday

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My man.  You are growing up so quickly.  I am writing you today, however, as a warning.  You need to drop the attitude quickly!  You’re a real pistol sometimes.  Today you were taking toys from your sister because you didn’t want to share.  Not cool, big bro.

You are also back-talking your parents a lot or you throw a fit for no reason.  Ahhh!  It’s not all fun and games.

When you’ve had plenty of rest and you’re in a good mood I wouldn’t rather be with anyone else.  When you’re feeling frisky we butt heads big time!  Today you were placed into time-out three times because you wanted Mommy to change your diaper but I told you that I was going to be doing it.  You have to learn who calls the shots around here, Buster!

I haven’t given up on you yet!  :)

Last weekend we went to a model train show.  You loved seeing all of the trains but all you wanted to do was put them on the ground and drive them.  You had a hard time understanding why you couldn’t do that.  You loved seeing the larger trains.  I thought about getting you one, but they were VERY expensive and they took up a lot of real estate.  Perhaps when we get a larger house and we have some space to devote to it.  In the mean time we got a train magazine and a train conductor’s hat.  You laid on the waterworks on our way out.  Everyone was looking at us, but I am sure they understood why you were crying.  On our way out some folks from Decatur asked if we knew where Culver’s (fast food restaurant)  was.  I explained how to get there, even though they had no clue where they were.  They were also quite rude, breathing smoke all over us, and on top of that they didn’t even thank me for the help.  I sure hope I never hear of you treating anyone like that, if so, we’re going to have words…

Today we had a great day playing in the deep snow together.  I guess I was the only one playing, you just ate the snow the whole time.  For some reason that’s all you want to do!

  • Final Thoughts:  Cool your jets, Doodie.
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3/10/13 – Sunday

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It’s been a while since I’ve touched base.  Everything is going really well.  You mature more and more each day but we’re still having quite a few breakdowns each day.  Occasionally I see myself in you sometimes when you lose your temper.  I am sorry that you inherited that from me, but you’ll just have to learn to manage your emotions.

I’ve been trying to keep track of the funny things you’ve been saying lately.  Here is a short list:

  • Watergun Shooter:  Watergun
  • Motor-sikil:  Motorcycle
  • Freezerator: Freezer
  • Ell-ieck: Elliot
  • Nana: Banana
  • Magmin:  Napkin
  • Lellow:  Yellow
  • Rocket Ship:  Jetstreams in the sky
  • Poppa-Cital:  Popsicle
  • Nilla Milk:  Vanilla Pediasure

A few weeks ago we had your first dentist appointment.  We tried our best to hype you up for it, but once it came down too it you were very nervous.  Thankfully the dentist allowed me to sit with you during the visit.  I believe this helped you cope with the anxiety much better than had you sat alone.  During the visit you handled yourself very well.  For the most part you sat there still as a log but you mentioned a few things here and there.

A few days ago we had our first “time-out” in a while when you pushed your sister a bit.  You barely touched her but we had to make a point of it because that will not be allowed in any form.  You had a hard time apologizing, because I believe you were embarrassed but you ended up doing it eventually.

Lastly, you’re becoming more and more affectionate.  This is really sweet, hopefully you can keep it up.  We’re on a hug kick lately.  The best part about it is that you’re starting to make up goofy hug names.  I love it so much because it’s the goofy side of you coming out.  You’ve been giving Hug Biscuit and Mailbox Hugs.  :)  I love them.

  • Final Thoughts:  “I think so not”


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1/20/13 – Sunday

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Well, I haven’t written in a very long time.  My thirtieth birthday was great, your favorite part was that your Mother got me a bunch of suckers…you loved eating them.  You still don’t go out of your way to eat.  Often times we need to sit with you and continuously remind you to take your next bite.  Lately we’ve been rewarding your “happy plate” (eat all of your food) with marshmallows and you love it.  You also receive marshmallows as a reward when you use the restroom so that help motivates you to become diaper free.

Again, your development is amazing.  You are able to speak very clearly and the things you say are just hilarious.  For example here’s an exchange we had yesterday:

  • Dewey: Hey, do you want to go outside and play, buddy?
  • Emerson: No, we need to change my diaper, I just went poopy.
  • Dewey: Holy cow, you’re a maniac! (Because that was your third dirty diaper in a row)
  • Emerson: No, I’m a genius!

Also yesterday we were having a dance party and you wanted me to sit the video player down on the ottoman but instead I wanted to hold it so that Arden could see it.  Well, you began to count to three and once you made it to three you announced that I am now in “time-out” because I didn’t listen to you.

You are still incredibly shy, but your independence continues to increase.  You try very hard to cloth/de-cloth yourself.  You can do just about everything except pull up and button tight jeans.  You are a great older brother, sometimes you’re not very interested but your never mean or nasty.  Your sister absolutely loves you, if you just look at her she will laugh.

You enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas and Friends, and Chugington.  You got a lot of toy trains for Christmas so we play trains quite a bit.  You also enjoy playing on my computer.  You constantly disassemble my mouse and love playing with the keyboard.  Also you love watching videos on YouTube, especially animal videos.  You also enjoy playing with puppets.  Originally I would just do all the puppeteering but now you’re getting in the mix.  Donny the Dragon is your favorite at the moment.

You are such a great kid, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.  I love you very much.

  • Final Thoughts:  That’s my boy!

One of a kind

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11/27/12 – Tuesday

November 27th, 2012 No comments


I am going to try to catch up on a lot with a relatively small amount of text, here I go!  Recently we went to the circus with your Mother.  We had a lot of fun.  You liked the elephants, but you didn’t want to ride one.  FYI it cost $10 to ride one per person and the ride was about two minutes.  This is very very expensive.  During the show you really liked the tigers.  I did too, especially when one tiger walked on two tight ropes high in the air.  You loved the popcorn and cotton candy, but I think the show bored you a bit.  Your Mother caved and bought you some expensive light ray gun that is incredibly annoying!

You’ve been having a lot of temper tantrums lately.  I believe this is what they refer to as the “terrible two’s”.  We are working on it but it usually hits when your hungry or tired.

You’re very good at electronic games.  We have a number of smart phones and now we have two iPads and you love playing on them.  You know how to unlock the iPad, find your games, launch and play the games.  Right now you really love Hungry Hippos and a Robot alphabet game.

You are incredibly sweet to Arden.  You usually listen when we ask you to keep it down, which I appreciate.  The other day you gave her a kiss goodnight and it was precious.

A while back (I think for your second birthday, maybe even your first) your Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Wes bought you a motorcycle that you can ride on.  You finally mastered it, you fly around the house and think it’s funny when you crash into things.

You and your Mother have pretty much perfected your bedtime routine.  Once the time comes you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth with me, get your vitamin when your done (your prize for brushing), go to bed where I usually read 1-3 books to you, then I say goodnight as your Mother conducts the special tucking in procedures.  The tuck in includes getting under the blankets, tucking the sheets and blankets really right, then your stuffed animals are lined up, your milk is stored in it’s specific spot, and then your Mother reads you a few stories.  Lately we’ve been exchanging a few knock knock jokes too.  Our latest joke: Knock Knock, who’s there, cow’s go, cow’s go who, no…cow’s go moo!

You are incredibly disturbed by loud noises.  Yesterday you covered your ears before I flushed the toilet!

You love to take a bath and lately have enjoyed letting the shower head rain down on you while you’re in the tub.  Bath time is usually a lot of fun.

You still don’t like to eat, we basically have to force you to eat all the time.  Hopefully you’ll get an appetite some day.

This year you started to enjoy Halloween for the first time, tons of people said you were the cutest of the night.  You were a Pillsbury Dough Boy and Arden was a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Very cute!

You’ve been wanting to do more and more on your own.  You want to put your pants on, or get yourself into the car seat, or brush your own teeth.  This is really cool.

You’ve been showing a lot of compassion lately too.  You’re always offering to get lunch for us and make sure we’re included whenever you can.

Lately you’ve been trying to reading books back to us.  You’re pretty good with the book “Goodnight Moon” but so far it’s the only book that you’ve basically memorized.

Starting to discipline Tonka, which is funny, but something I want to break you of.  Leave the discipline to me and your Mother, please!

You love to build things and help fix things, also you like to help cook things.  You’re constantly thinking of reasons to bust out your tool box and “bang” (hammer) on some things.  I can’t wait to built things with you.

Addicted to TV, enough said.  We have to draw it back, but if it were up to you you’d watch it all day every day.

As I mentioned earlier you’re learning to tell jokes and pull pranks.  Knock Knock jokes are your favorite joke and we also do the “Boink” prank a lot to which is where you point to someone’s chest, tell them they have something on their shirt and right when they look down you run your finger up their chin to their nose and say “Boink!”.

You love popcorn and other snacks, but again we have to ration them to ensure you actually eat some dinner.

You love to watch videos on the computer, especially animal videos.  You like to sit on my lap and watch video after video on YouTube.

You’re not really into singing or dancing, but I can pressure you into doing “the knee dance”.  You bend your knees a bit, but one hand on each knee and then wiggle your knees in and out.  Classic.

You think every change in elevation is a “big hiddle” (hill).  It can be just a tiny bump but you still say it.  I love it.

You love the movie “Cars” and “The Orlax” (The Lorax).

You are still incredibly shy around people that you don’t know well.  We went over to visit your Grandma Detmers and Great Grandma Phyl and it took you about an hour to get out of your shell.

Alright, I have to get back to work!

  • Final Thoughts:  You’re an amazing kid and I am proud to be your father.




10/10/12 – Wednesday

October 10th, 2012 No comments

Your Mother shared this with me and I really like it.

28 Rules for Fathers of Sons:

1. Love his Mother. He will learn to love like you love, and hate like you hate. So choose love for both of you. Devote yourself to it. Love with your whole heart and express that love each and every day. Then, someday down the road, you will see the way he loves his own wife, and know that you played a part in that.

2. Let him drive. Every child remembers the first time they drove on daddy’s lap. For that one moment, he will believe that he is just. like. you.

3. Teach him to be picky. Especially when it comes to women and burgers. Teach him to never settle.

4. Take him to a ball game. There is something about sharing a day of hot dogs, sunshine and baseball with your father.

5. Love with Bravery. Boys have this preconceived notion that they have to be tough. When he is young, he will express his love fully and innocently. As he grows, he will hide his feelings and wipe off kisses. Teach him to be a man who rubs them in instead. It takes courage for a man to show love: teach him to be courageous.

6. Talk about sex. Sometimes, boys need to know that all men are created equal.

7. Teach him to be a man’s man. Show him how to be brave and tough around the guys. Then, remind him on the ride home that it is okay to cry.

8. Share secrets together. Communicate. Talk. Talk about anything. Let him tell you about girls, friends, school. Listen. Ask questions. Share dreams, hopes, concerns. He is not only your son, you are not only his father. Be his friend too.

9. Teach him manners. Because sometimes you have to be his father, not just his friend. The world is a happier place when made up of polite words and smiles.

10. Teach him when to stand-up and when to walk away. He should know that he doesn’t have to throw punches to prove he is right. He may not always be right. Make sure he knows how to demand respect- he is worthy of it. It does not mean he has to fight back with fists or words, because sometimes you say more with silence.

11. Teach him to choose his battles. Make sure he knows which battles are worth fighting- like for family or his favorite baseball team. Remind him that people can be mean and nasty because of jealousy, or other personal reasons. Help him to understand when to shut his mouth and walk-away. Teach him to be the bigger- the better- person.

12. Let him dance in tighty whiteys. Dance alongside him in yours. Teach him that there are moments when it is okay to be absolutely ridiculous.

13. Share music. Introduce him to the classics and learn the words to the not-so-classics. Create a rock band with wooden instruments, share your earphones, and blast Pink Floyd in the car. Create a soundtrack to your lives together.

14. Let him win. Sometimes he needs to know that big things are possible.

15. Teach him about family. Let him know family is always worth fighting for. Family is always worth standing up for. At the end of the day, he has you to fall back on, and pray to God that you will have him.

16. Father him. Being a father—to him—is undoubtedly one of your greatest accomplishments. Share with him the joys of fatherhood, so one day he will want to be a father too. Remind him over and over again with words and kisses that no one will ever love him like you love him.

17. Listen to him now. If you don’t listen to the little things now, he won’t share the big things later.

18. Let him try on your shoes. Even if they are old and smelly. Let him slip his little feet in and watch him as he hopes like hell that someday he can fill them. He will fill them.

19. Give him bear hugs. The kind that squeezes his insides and make him giggle. The kind of hug only a daddy can give.

20. Give him baths. Because Mom can’t do everything damnit.

21. Teach him how to pee standing up. Let him pee outside- such is the joy of being a man. Mom cannot teach this talent, so someone has to.

22. Know the answers. He will assume you do. If you don’t know them, pretend you do and look them up later.

23. Toss him around. Because little boys love seeing the strength of their father. Throw him up in the air, so that he knows you will always be there to catch him on his way down.

24. Ask his mother. He will come to you with questions that he won’t always want to ask his mother, about girls and about love. Ask her anyway, she will know the answers.

25. Love him like you would love a daughter. Little girls are not the only ones who need hugs and kisses. Love is the color yellow of emotions. It is both happy and gender neutral.

26. Grow a big belly. Because every child should get the chance to rest there head on the absolute softest pillow ever. Daddy’s belly is the best place to land.

27. Don’t say, do. American inventor, Charles F. Kettering once said, “every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” Be a good one.

28. Be his hero. You are anyway. To him, you have the strength of Batman, the speed of Spiderman and the brain of Ironman. Don’t disappointment. Prove to him that Daddy’s are the biggest heroes of all. Only Daddy’s can save the day.

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10/8/12 – Monday

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Mr. Emerson,

Things have been going well lately.  On Saturday we went to an event at the Nelson Center at Lincoln Park.  “Touch The Truck – 2012” was an event in which you could go to the park and check out all kinds of cool vehicles.  There was a Firetruck, S.W.A.T (Special Weapons And Tactics) Team Truck, Semi-Tow Truck, Ambulance, Army Hummer, Cop Car, Funny Car, Dump Truck, Two Work Trucks, Backhoe, Bobcat, Tanker Truck, & Two Lawn Mowers.  I think you had a great time, but you wouldn’t get in any of the vehicles.  You were also a bit disturbed by the kids honking the horns of the other vehicles.  Loud noises really seem to bother you.  After each truck, however, you asked when we could go play on the playground.  You simply cannot get enough of the playground.  You really like the bridges as well as the slides.  The swing-set, however, is clearly your favorite.  On Saturday you went down the slide about 50 times and swung on the swing for easily an hour.  I was finally able to talk you off the swing (because I could tell your cheeks were getting cold) but then you asked to swing on a different set of swings.  You’re such an awesome kid.

Your temper tantrums are becoming more and more frequent.  I believe you just can’t think of other ways to express yourself so you occasionally yell, throw things, and hit.  Each time you do this you have to go to “time-out”.  You are in time-out for at least two minutes, or until you stop crying (whichever is longer).  When your time’s up we come in to ask you why you were in time-out, then we explain that your behavior wasn’t acceptable, then we apologize, hug, kiss and then you can get up.  If we have guests or you misbehaved to multiple people you have to apologize to them as well.  I hope this is the right punishment technique…I guess we’ll see.

It’s getting cold outside so our outdoor time will be cut back quite a bit.  I am still really excited for Halloween but I am not sure what you’re planning to dress up as.

You are really coming into your own personality.  Our senses of humor are very similar so we often have a great time together.  Lately we’re been acting like monsters, playing hide-n-seek, and we act like we’re just meeting for the first time.

Well, keep up the good work!

  • Final Thoughts: You’re a real joy!
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9/17/12 – Monday

September 17th, 2012 No comments

Holy smokes!  It has been so long since I’ve blogged…I’m sorry.

Things have been pretty wild around our parts lately.  You are growing incredibly fast and it seems that everyday is my new favorite day with you.  You are a puzzle wizard, you love playing hide-n-go seek, your latest craze is Thomas the Tank Engine, and you can’t get enough of being outside in the nice fall weather.  Last night we had so much fun together and all we did was throw a baseball in the air and roll it to each other up and down the slide.  It sounds silly but it’s one of those moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Afterwards we ate outside together and you did fairly well.  You were too short to sit in the chair but we doubled-up the cushion and you were able to fit just fine.

Speaking of eating, you still eat like a bird.  It’s a struggle each meal for you to finish your plate but when you do we celebrate and label it a “happy plate” which is really cute.  The other day you had a happy plate for each meal and I’d be willing to bet that’s the first time, ever.  You eat most everything, but fruits and vegetables are your favorite.  You like spaghetti and hot dogs but we don’t feel you that too often.  We still cut up larger foods and you still drink from a sippy cup but you can handle everything else.

Today is your first day out of daycare.  You were going to a home daycare right near our house, but most of the other kids moved on and the provider didn’t want to watch just you.  I didn’t like the fact that you would be all alone all day so you’re staying home with your Mother and Arden while your Mother is still on maternity leave.  Once her leave is over you will travel with Arden to your aunt Kelsey and uncle Wes’s house each day.  You will stay with Kelsey, Arden, and Elliot, which should be pretty cool for you.

You sayings and tone crack me up all the time.  One thing that you say that always makes me smile is “buckle, buckle” and that’s you putting on your imaginary seat belt.  There have also been occasions late in the evening as we’re winding down when you jump on your Harley scooter and tell me that you’ll “be right back!” because you’re heading to the grocery store to get ice cream and popcorn.

We’ve done a few videos together that have become YouTube hits, but over the past few weeks you refuse to cooperate.  I really hope that you get more interested because they are usually pretty funny.  Perhaps tonight?!?

Well, my lunch break is about over so I better get back to work.

  • Final Thoughts:  I wish I could freeze you at this age.


7/26/12 – Thursday

July 26th, 2012 No comments


Yes, I can finally feel good about typing your name because you FINALLY said it out loud!  Over the past few months your vocabulary has expanded exponentially, but you refused to say your name, “Emerson”.  I have no idea why because you’ve heard the word thousands of times before and you can say much more complicated words that you rarely hear.  I personally believe that you wouldn’t say your name because you knew that I wanted you to.  I say this because when I would ask you would often smile, giggle, ignore me, or simply run away.  If I insisted that you tell me your name you would reply with “Me”.  I tried every trick in the book.  I begged, I withheld, and I even threatened but all techniques failed miserably.  I would ask at least 5 times each night, night after night, and you wouldn’t budge.  I even got a few friends and family members involved so they too tried to get you to say it.  We all failed.

Until last night that is!  I bought you a Spider-man cup over my lunch hour and when I came home from work that evening I explained that I had bought you a present today and that you were sure to love it.  You were very interested and asked what it was.  Rather than responding I gave your Mother her gift (a boring lid for her favorite cup).  I went on to explain that your gift was MUCH cooler than a simple pink lid.  You were very interested and asked if you could please have your present now.  I explained that the only way you’d get your present was if you said your name.  You paused a second and then you went on and said it!  I was very excited, not because the word’s that difficult but rather it’s just been something that I have been trying to get you to do for a long time.

Your Mother and I have debated on a number of occasions as to why you wouldn’t say it.  I swore up and down it was because you were being funny and were essentially teasing me by not saying it because you knew I wanted you to.  Your Mother thought that maybe you weren’t able to say it so you were embarrassed.  I quickly shot down her belief though because you say much more complicated things.  I am sure we will never know, but deep down inside I know I’m right! :)

Other than that not too much new in your world.  You still eat like a bird, don’t sleep through the night, and are a genuinely sweet kid.  You’re coming out of your shell a bit faster when you’re around less familiar people but you’re still shy initially.  You enjoy reading books, singing songs, playing with your toys and your dog, and you love to act silly.  So far you’ve been a great older brother.  You often care for Arden and are curious as to why she’s upset.  Last night you thought it would be a good idea to give Arden a blanket so you ended up getting her 4.  What a sweet little boy.

  • Final Thoughts:  I couldn’t ask for a better son.


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